Paul Fleming-Director of Creative Design

paulfamilyPaul Fleming learned of the Kids With Courage Foundation first hand.  His daughter, Reese was diagnosed with Type 1 at age 5, when she was rushed to Children’s Mercy Hospital.  A Brave Box was delivered to her hospital room and he quickly knew he wanted to be involved to help make the transition easier for others as Kids With Courage had done for them.  Paul says “my connection goes beyond my daughter to every child and family that remembers that unforgettable day of finding out how diabetes would change their lives. Kids With Courage assists in making the transition easier, providing diabetes education and supporting families in their journey of a lifetime. It has been an interesting journey since March 2009 – Kids With Courage is a huge reason it has been a fairly smooth one.”  Paul’s background as the Creative Director for Gear For Sports/UnderArmour brands and beyond has along with his creative mind been put to good use helping us with anything and everything we need to fulfill our mission of helping children and young people battling Type 1 diabetes.

What I do at Kids With Courage:
I would do anything for Kids With Courage. This has been one of the greatest organizations I have ever been associated with. It is such a rewarding experience to be associated with everyone at the Kids With Courage Foundation. I mostly help with the graphic design responsibilities from invitations, signs, programs and t-shirts.

What I like most about being involved with Kids With Courage: 
The support, optimism and encouragement that my daughter receives from this foundation is beyond anything I could have ever imagined. She has the opportunity every time to be around other kids that are battling Type 1 Diabetes everyday just like her and not feel different. She never has to feel that she is going through this alone, because Kids With Courage gives my daughter Strength, Grace and Confidence to smile if the face of this disease. Her smile reminds me everyday of what a special gift she truly is and the courage behind that smile.

Place I would love to travel:
Australia – I have always wanted to travel there as long as I can remember. It would be an adventure of a lifetime.

What are my hobbies:
My kids activities seem to be my hobbies these days – Soccer, Gymnastics, Basketball, Baseball and Cub Scouts. Coaching, driving and supporting them are my roles. Road cycling is also something that I enjoy doing as a hobby.

Many people would be surprised if they knew I:
I don’t eat fruit


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