On the surface we’re a little charity in the Midwest, helping kids of all ages and their families, whose lives have been turned upside down with a Type 1 diabetes diagnosis. But when you look below the surface, you’ll discover a true “little engine that could” story, and see us as the innovators who started a full fledged movement that all the big organizations have adopted.

"Courage" is the tool and the magic that turns dreams into reality.

When hearts are broken because of a Type 1 diabetes diagnosis, mending them takes something special, something extraordinary! Empowerment from Kids With Courage!

Care enough to change their world?

Only with your help can we come to the rescue of our children who need a special brand of courage as they battle Type 1 diabetes, every day for the rest of their lives.

Has someone you know, love, or care about been diagnosed with Type 1?


Providing opportunities that empower, educate and create positive outcomes in the lives of children, young people and families whose life long journey includes battling Type 1 diabetes.