Our Corporate Partners

The Kids With Courage Foundation has made a commitment to little boys and girls growing up with Type 1 diabetes. They require strength beyond what most of us can comprehend because they will battle this dreadful disease each and every day for the rest of their life. They need our understanding and assistance. Based on this commitment, we truly need our Courage Partners to help us accomplish our mission. Business and industry partners play a significant role in the Kids With Courage Foundation’s success. Without Courage Partners, our commitment to make programming available to our brave children and young people living with Type 1 diabetes would not be possible.

We are intent on creating strong and mutually beneficial relationships with companies with heart. Together we can increase your competitive advantage and build stronger links with your customers, while working towards our goal of helping our Type 1 children and young people create a better future through our programs and opportunities.

By becoming a Courage Partner, you will be sending a positive message about your company and you will be recognized and respected for doing so.

Partnership inquiries, contact Daphna Bottcher at:
Courage@kidswithcourage.org or 816.547.8376