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Being or having a child diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes is overwhelming, scary, and difficult.  Hearts are broken.  Type 1 is a relentless disease, requiring monitoring 24 hours a day, 7 day a week intensive treatment, and there is no cure.

To help kids and families face that fear, impact the way they approach that challenge and view their world, many years ago Kids With Courage created our Brave Box Program.  Brave Boxes are designed to empower, helping kids and families grow stronger, preparing them for their forever fight, equipping them with tangible tools, guidance and direction.

Battling a disease that is dangerous and life threatening, every day, forever, requires a special kind of brave.

Brave Boxes are what we call ‘Training for our Type 1 Champions, Superheroes and Warriors” of all ages.  Brave Boxes are typically distributed thru hospital/medical teams we have partnered with.  However, if you, a loved one or someone you care about didn’t receive a Brave Box at their time of diagnosis thru their medical care team a shippable version of our Brave Box is available.  They are just as important, helpful, and empowering.

CLICK HERE for Brave Box request details. 

“Thank you Kids With Courage for being here for my sweet Reese and our family the unforgettable day we found out how Type 1 diabetes would change our lives. You’ve made a world of difference and assisted us in making the transition less difficult–providing diabetes education, courage and supporting our family in our journey of a lifetime.”

“Your booklet, the Uninvited Stranger was so helpful to me as a mother. It addressed every single emotion I was feeling and made a big difference for me.”

“We talk about courage every day—sometimes I think I need more than my daughter. Thank you for all you do.”

Every Hero Needs A Sidekick


Because a lifetime of expensive daily medications and quality healthcare leaves little in families savings for college funds, the need for Scholarships for students with Type 1 diabetes is huge. Kids With Courage is proud to have awarded academic scholarships, valued at $40,000, since 2016, with over $10,000 awards coming for 2024.

Kids With Courage is excited and proud to give scholarships to students with Type 1 diabetes!

Applications are accepted January thru April 15

Applications are currently closed. Check back in January, 2025 for Scholarship Offerings

Questions? Email:

Click here to see all our Type 1 Champions Scholarship Recipients.

Click here to see all our Type 1 Champions Scholarship Recipients.


CLASSES ARE FOR:  Grandparents, Family, Friends, Babysitters, Healthcare Providers, Children’s Care Centers, School Personnel:  Teachers, School Nurses, Day Care Providers, Pre-school Centers

Classes will be scheduled Quarterly.

More information contacts:

KWC  Susy Fansher at  816.260.8158 or  Email: 

JDRF Kansas & Missouri Chapter:  Marlo Martin at 913.295.2370 or Email:

Or, Email:


Want to personally connect with a fellow Type 1?

A Pen Pal is a person you get to know by exchanging letters by mail.

Perks of having a Pen Pal:

  • Meet a new friend
  • Type 1 is easier to manage when you’re connected to others who can relate and understand your journey
  • The bond between fellow Type 1’s is instant
  • Brighten someone’s day
  • It’s exhilarating to tell someone about your life
  • It’s a good way to help fellow Type 1’s and newly diagnosed
  • It’s a great way to learn from fellow Type 1’s
  • A Pen Pal is like having another tool in your Type 1 toolkit
  • It’s fun!
  • Bonus:  Local pen pals can lead to meet up’s

The KWC Pen Pal Club is FREE and OPEN to all ages.

Sound fun?  Interested?  Enrollment is easy.

Click here for enrollment form

We’ll team you up.


For families where Type 1 lives who live outside our local delivery/service area, valuable information and helpful tools are available here online.

Care enough to change their world?

Only with your help can we come to the rescue of our children who need a special brand of courage as they battle Type 1 diabetes, every day for the rest of their lives.