Our Mission and History

Providing opportunities that empower, educate and create positive outcomes in the lives of kids of all ages, and their families whose life long journey includes battling Type 1 diabetes.

History of the Kids With Courage Foundation

The Kids With Courage started in 2007.  Our founder felt it was past time to disrupt the narrative and change outdated models of Type 1 organizations, and, above all else, improve the outcomes for kids of all ages, and their families where Type 1 diabetes is battled.

Being or having a child diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes is overwhelming, scary, and difficult to say the least.  Type 1 is a relentless disease, requiring 24 hour a day monitoring, 7 day a week intensive treatment, and there is no cure.

The life changing, Type 1 crisis found it’s way into our founders/family lives in 2006, when her then  7 year old son was diagnosed.   She walked out of the hospital in shock, after a crash course in Type 1 diabetes management it takes doctors 9 years to learn, enough medical supplies to fill a pantry, nor had any confidence in using, feeling lost, alone, sad, overwhelmed, frightened and empty.

To equip families to face the fear of a Type 1 diagnosis, impact the way they approach that challenge, and view their world,  Kids With Courage created its Brave Box Program. Brave Boxes are overflowing with tangible tools, guidance, and direction.  They are designed to empower, help families grow stronger, and prepares them for their forever fight.

On September 17, 2007, the first Brave Box (then, called ‘Crates, Full of Courage’) was delivered to a newly diagnosed patient at Children’s Mercy hospital in Kansas City.  Since then, thousands have been given away.

Inspired by our extraordinary kids who must battle every day.  Driven by a mission to mend broken hearts and a need to change the story for others.

We may be small, but we are mighty.  If you look below the surface, you’ll discover a true ‘little engine that could’ story and see us as the innovators who started the a full fledged movement that all the big organizations have adopted. “Courage” is the magic that turns dreams into reality.