How We're Different

The Kids With Courage Foundation is a unique charity for many reasons.

Direct impact.The Kids With Courage Foundation caring supporters can proudly say that they make a positive and direct impact in the lives of children and young people as they come to the rescue of families in crisis.

Vital and different role. While other diabetes organizations are all about the future, finding a cure and fundraising, KWC plays a vital and different role. Type 1 children, young people and their families/loved ones are supported *now* –here in the present from those first few crushing days after diagnosis and onward. Families quickly learn that they are not alone with this dreadful diagnosis.

One idea that matters, and matters a lot. Courage (cour-age) defined as the quality of mind or spirit that enables a person to face difficulty, danger, pain, etc., without fear; bravery. Courage is at the cornerstone of the Kids With Courage Foundation. The demands and constant challenges of living with Type 1 diabetes is grueling. Learning how to meet those demands and challenges is a process. But having the courage to actively take charge of your condition, learning everything you can, and doing your part to manage it, will make you feel stronger and better equipped to meet the difficulties and challenges Type 1 brings. We believe that daily courage is an essential tool!!!

Helps provide tools and resources for families battling Type 1 diabetes immediately. Through partnerships with the medical teams at certain Children’s hospitals, free tools and resources are provided for families immediately—usually within 24 hours of diagnosis.

Kids helping kids. Many children who have received support from KWC through our Brave Box program want to get involved. Some choosing to do their own fundraisers, others making Care Cards. They want to make sure that the other kids battling Type 1 receive a bundle of encouragement like they did. Kids giving back, making a difference! A simple, yet powerful lesson.

No donation is too small. KWC is grateful for all donations—no matter the amount, every dollar counts. Every donor matters!

Bringing communities together. Connections are made every day. Whether it be with families at outreach, educational or fund raising events, medical teams, supporters, businesses, the KWC board and always growing team of dedicated volunteers bring gifts of time, hard work, skill, talent, knowledge and connections—making our organization into a community of care and compassion.