Meet Jade R.

jade12016“Let’s just rule it out” is what I told Dr. Delsie”. Well…she “ruled it in” instead! Jade had just turned 8 years old and was in second grade. It was three days after her brother, (Cody’s)11th birthday in January 2010 and she felt miserable!! Bad tummy aches, hot and dry skin and excessive thirst were just some of her symptoms. This is Jade now. An active, God loving, outgoing and full of life 14 year old attending school in the 8th grade. Diabetes is a second by second challenge which wears on everyone…but even when it does…we treat the symptoms and move on. Waking up every morning is a blessing and thanks to modern medicine and the pump, Jade is living life to its fullest and not letting anything stop her. Jade is a volleyball player, actress and singer involved heavily in her schools musicals and plays. She LOVES teaching, participating in the outreach events and showing KWC families how Courage can really help you through the tough times! Jade helps by making cards for the crates and assists in organizing events with me (Leslie her mom (and her human pancreas) and also a board team member of KWC). This gives her ownership of her T1 and is a way of helping others and giving back to all those who have unselfishly supported us.

Jade has dealt with many other health challenges just recently, and wearing our KWC shirts together has given her the courage she needed when the blood draws came and the IV’s were started. She was Brave beyond belief and we have Daph and her family to thank. The day that crate arrived, with a handmade card from McGwire in it, was nothing short of a gift from Above! A sign to my husband and I that we were not alone and that He was going to make sure we knew that through Daph and Chris’ gift! The Bottcher’s made and continue to make this condition bearable and allow us to feel a positive part of a very misunderstood condition. It is often confusing and inaccurate in the “functioning pancreas public” persons mind. KWC is about education, courage and support. We have drawn on, and will continue to draw on the strength of Daph, Chris and McGwire…and our whole KWC extended-family. We love you guys!

We’ve decided that “Type 1 may be a part of our lives, but it doesn’t define who we are! It just gives us more Courage!”