Meet Jayden L.

I am 12 years old. This past year has been a year of learning to deal with change. I live with my mom in Missouri and spend  my summers with my dad in Oregon. My favorite Aunt passed away in November and my cousin Tabitha came to live with me and my mom. I was always an only child and now I have an older sister. Yikes!

My last day of 6th grade was May 22 and my plane ticket to Oregon was for the following Monday. I was eager to head to Dad’s and get some guy time. But on May 23rd, I was diagnosed with Type 1 and admitted to the hospital. Wow talk about more change. My summer trip to Oregon was off. Dad came to Missouri to spend some time with me but boy I missed going to Oregon!

How do I feel about having diabetes? I feel like life is now different. I wish I didn’t have it. I miss spending the summer with dad, I can’t stay with friends as often and everything feels more difficult. I do try to be brave by not complaining (too much). I continue to play football, ride my bike (doing tricks and jumps), riding my skateboard and try to learn all I can about proper nutrition and handling diabetes.

I have a friend who has been in a wheelchair all his life so maybe I am lucky. All I have is diabetes. I know things happen to kids sometimes but I can handle this, even if I don’t like it. I am excited about maybe getting a pump someday!


-Written by Jayden L. age 12