Meet Nick E.

NickNick was diagnosed at the beginning of 8th grade. He had just started running cross country so when he would come home thirsty and tired, we figured it was a side effect of all the running he had just started. During a cross country meet, he had gotten an injury and we took him to an urgent care facility. When he had gotten on the scale, we noticed that he had lost a lot of weight. While it was a lot, we thought that was due to the running season as well. It wasn’t until a couple days later when Nick said he didn’t even have the energy to go to school (coming from a kid with perfect attendance) that we knew something was wrong. Even though later that day we had a follow up appointment with our regular doctor regarding the injury, we headed to the ER. When they diagnosed him, I remember crying with the nurse at St. Lukes, telling her that I didn’t want his life to change. It did.

We were taken by ambulance to Children’s Mercy Hospital where Nick was in full DKA (¬†Diabetic ketoacidosis). ¬† We went to the diabetes hospital floor and underwent days of getting him out of DKA and lots of education. That is where we first received out Crate, Full of Courage. And that is when the support began.

Nick went back to school immediately. For him, diabetes was just a bump in the road. He had things to do and a great life to lead. He has never been upset or wanted to feel sorry for himself. This was just a “thing” he had. Maybe no different than someone wearing glasses. We all understand that is a serious condition but he chooses to see it as just “a slight bump in the road”.

He is now a junior in high school in honor classes, has great grades, loves band and is on the high school archery team. He doesn’t let anything get him down. He is brave and courageous. He is our hero. Our Courage Champion.