Susy Fansher

Community and Fundraising Director

Little did I know, I became connected with Kids With Courage in 2009 when my youngest daughter was diagnosed with T1D at the age of 6 in Children’s Mercy Hospital. The KWC Brave Box was the first sign of hope for us – that there is a community out there with others alike, waiting to offer resources and support to new T1D families in shock. My interaction with KWC would come full-circle when my family started hosting a large youth softball charity tournament, Dylan’s Army, and we needed a worthy beneficiary recipient of our fundraising efforts, and to get the word out about warning signs of Type 1 diabetes. Kids With Courage has been the perfect partner to our vision as we strive to educate families to know the signs, seek quick medical attention, and be supported throughout the devastating diagnosis of T1D.

What I do at Kids With Courage:

I am honored to be a part of this wonderful foundation, to enhance fundraising efforts, and to strengthen community partnerships that believe in the mission of KWC.

What I like most about being involved with KWC:

I love how the focus of KWC is to get to the new T1D families immediately upon diagnosis  – to reassure them that they are not alone on this emotional T1D journey.

If I could meet one person from the past or present, who would it be and why?

Larry Stewart, aka Kansas City’s Secret Santa, spent decades anonymously handing out cash to local people in need. Or Larry Robinson, aka Batman, visited hospitals, schools, and charities, handing out t-shirts, toys, and autographs in an attempt to influence kindness and to discourage kids from bullying. We need more people with huge hearts in this world. Both lives were cut far too short.

Place I would love to travel:

I’ve been blessed to get to visit many amazing places, so I’d love to go back to my top favorites: Aruba, where my husband & I found our paradise; Milan & Venice in Italy; Dubrovnik & Lake Plitvice in Croatia; Lauterbrunnen in Switzerland; and Mount Princeton & Salida in Colorado.

What are your hobbies?

Family activities, sporting events, camping, traveling, crafting, Nintendo Wii, puzzles, event planning, and of course, volunteering

Many people would be surprised if they knew I:

Talk to my dogs as if they’re human! Ha Ha! I reassure them that “I’ll be right back” and to “be good while I’m gone.” Animals are amazing – they bring out the best in us!