Amanda Fridlington- Board of Directors, Education

amandaAmanda is excited to bring her passion for pediatric diabetes management and care to Kids with Courage. Amanda developed a passion for chronic disease management while working at The University of Iowa Hospitals and Clinics providing care for children newly diagnosed with diabetes alongside children undergoing chemotherapy for cancer treatment. This passion, and Amanda’s appetite for advancing her education, lead her to Children’s Mercy Hospital in Kansas City where she worked for 11 years as a pediatric nurse practitioner providing care for children living with diabetes. During this time she also served as the Nursing Director for Camp Planet D, the American Diabetes Association’s summer diabetes camp near Kansas City.  She also served as the Nursing Director for the American Diabetes Association Kansas City. Amanda currently works for Tandem Diabetes Care as a Clinical Diabetes Specialist educating health care providers and patients on the benefits of insulin pump therapy for diabetes management. Amanda has a charitable spirit and believes it is our social, and moral, responsibility to donate time and energy to causes and organizations that fuel one’s passion.

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  1. Amanda:
    I was so happy to attend the T1D Education class in 1/28 at St Jospeh community center
    I walked away with more confidence in caring for the little girl I nanny,thank you for that!
    I am a MDO teacher at Rolling Hills preschool and can use this clas as CEC hours but forgot to get a signature from you,Cynthia or Debra to confirm that I attended the class
    I know you are very busy and value your time in all you do but was wondering if you could somehow send an email that confirmed that I was in attendance in 1/28
    I introduced myself as a new Nanny for a 3 1/2 year old girl.
    Thank you for you help with this and more importantly with eduacatung me and others about T1D and how to better care for our loved ones!!
    Sheri Elam


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