Dr. Mark Clements- Board of Directors

Mark family“I became involved with Kids With Courage because, as a physician working with children and families affected by type 1 diabetes, I am INSPIRED by their courage, optimism, motivation, and resilience. They are experiencing a life-changing moment that can be scary, and filled with uncertainty. Kids With Courage has responded to that time of uncertainty with such a simple idea: give every child and teenager diagnosed with type 1 diabetes a Crate Full of Courage. The crate says “You are not alone. There are many of us, though you haven’t met us, who are supporting you. We want you to feel the strengthening power of community.” As a physician, I feel humbled to be granted permission to be a part of each child’s- and each family’s- journey into this new era filled with new questions, new concerns, new hopes, and strange daily rituals (like poking fingers, pushing buttons, and practicing arithmetic at all meals and snacks).”

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