Meet Lauren F.

Lauren FLauren is:

… a sister

… a leader

… a freshman at DePaul University in Chicago

… a singer

… a honor student

… an athlete

… a creative writer

… a friend

… fluent in Spanish

… a volunteer

… an animal lover

… an optimist

… a Type 1 Diabetic

Of course having Type 1 is incredibly challenging, but I do believe there are blessings that come in disguise. The five best things about having Type 1 are as follows. First, Diabetics are awesome! When you meet someone who also has Type 1 you immediately have a strong connection and understanding of one another. Second, Diabetics are resilient. We are questioned, poked, and bled everyday, yet we succeed in managing our disease that only makes us stronger. Third, Diabetics are tech-savy! We have robotic pancreases that we get to carry on us at all times. Fourth, Diabetics are in tune with their body. We have the perfect excuse to be interested in our health. Our friends can never give us a hard time about always eating healthy or consistently exercising. We know how to make yourselves feel healthy and are more aware of how we can take care of ourselves. Lastly, Diabetics are positive. It’s too hard to think in the “What if’s?” and “Why Me’s?” so we take our disease on in stride and create our amazing network of support. Take pride in how far you’ve come. Have faith in how far you can go.

Lauren has excelled in many activities. Below are a small sampling of her accomplishments.

  • Blue Valley North Academic Letter Recipient (Freshman, Sophomore, Junior, and Senior Year)
  • National Honor Society Member (Junior and Senior Year)
  • National Society of High School Scholars (Junior and Senior Year) honor society recognizing academic excellence
  • College Board AP Scholar (Junior Year)
  • College Board AP Scholar with Distinction (Senior)
  • Kansas Board of Regents honor for completing Scholars Curriculum in English, Mathematics, Science, Social Studies, and Foreign Language
  • Enrolled in DePaul Honors Program (Fall 2015)
  • DePaul Presidental Scholarship Recipient
  • Other Scholarships: Loyola University of Chicago Scholarship, Creighton University Founders Scholarship, University of Nebraska George Beadle Academic and Leadership Scholarship, UNL Legends Scholarship
  • Writing Club (Freshman Year) Selected for BVN Spring Speak Writing Competition (Freshman Year) Kay Club Member (Freshman-Junior Year)
  • -Blue Valley North Marching Band-Trombone Player (Freshman, Sophomore Year)
  • -Blue Valley North Concert/Pep Band Member (Freshman, Sophomore Year)
  • -Private Voice/Dance/Piano Lessons (1st grade-Senior Year)
  • -Sang “The Star Spangled Banner” anthem at JDRF Annual Walk (Freshman Year)
  • -Vocal Soloist selected to sing “Somewhere Over the Rainbow” at BVN Winter Jazz Concert (Sophomore Year)
  • -Member and Lead Vocal Cantor last three years at The Church of Nativity Catholic Church (7th grade-Senior Year
  • -Christian Youth Theatre “Mulan” Cast Member (Freshman Year)
  • -BVN Musical Legally Blonde Cast Member (Freshman Year)
  • -BVN Musical The Drowsy Chaperone Cast Member (Sophomore Year)
  • -BVN Musical “Young Frankenstein” Visual Effects Technician (Junior Year)
  • -Blue Valley North Track Team member (Freshman/Sophomore Year)
  • -Blue Valley North Cross Country Team member (Junior Year)
  • -Vanquish Athletics Crossfit Member (Junior-Senior Year)
  • -People to People Student Ambassador for European Heritage Tour in six European countries.
  • -North Atlantic Cultural Exchange League (NACEL)
  • -NACEL Foreign Exchange Student for Home Stay Program with Spanish family in Granada, Spain (July 2013) -weekly educational Skype sessions with family conversing and reviewing English and Spanish material (July 2013-present) –Invited back by Spanish family for homestay (June 29-July 19, 2015)
  • -Freelance Videographer Video Producer for local businesses including documentary style highlights entitled Discover KC series, Award winning advertisement for Vanquish Athletics, and Musical Performance Video for local singer/songwriter Gracie Schram)
  • Presidential Community Service Award (2010-2014)
  • Ronald McDonald House Volunteer (Senior Year)
  • Volunteer and Mentor for parents and children of newly diagnosed Type One Diabetes at Children’s Mercy Hospital
  • -Selected as Soloist to sing “The Star Spangled Banner” at Arrowhead Stadium before 12,000 people at the commencement of the JDRF Annual Walk 2012.
  • -Greeter and Volunteer for the KC Premiere of short film documentary “The Gnomist” prior to the World Premiere of the Tribeca Film Festival





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